Most of you are aware of a myriad of problems surrounding Google Places AKA Google+ Local reviews. The Google and your Business forum ALWAYS has multiple posts from frustrated business owners with complaints. But lately the forum has been literally flooded with SMBs who are either missing reviews or can’t get reviews to show up at all.

Sunday Mike Blumenthal decided to crank up the heat to try to get Google to take action and find a solution or fix the problem. A lot of folks have been “talking” about the problem. Mike took matters into his own hands and decided to do something about it! (Ya I know I sound like a big Mike fan girl lately – cuz I am! ;-)) He alerted Google via email what he was doing, then put out a call to action to other Google Top Contributors and asked us to help him try to consolidate all the review problems into one thread to try to get Google’s attention focused on the problem.

I’ve been helping Mike as time permits by going back through recent review problem posts and asking SMBs to post in the main thread below. As of right now there have been 53 replies so far.

See Google’s reply, read the rest of the story and weigh in over at the new Local Search Community Forum.

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