Google reviews I’ve known about a REALLY smart strategy my friend Matthew Hunt uses for awhile and wanted to share, but wasn’t sure it was public knowledge. He just blogged it and did a video so wanted to be sure you all see this.

It’s a really slick way of funneling or trying to screen out negative reviews so they aren’t as likely to hit Google. AND this system gets that negative feedback directly to you, tied to the customers name & email, so you can fix your customer service problem AND make it right with the customer.

BUT if the customers feedback is POSITIVE, then you funnel them to the reviews sites of your choosing on a really nice review page, that includes a video about HOW TO POST A REVIEW on whichever review site they select.

Here, I’ll let Matt explain and show it to you. VERY cool!

Small Business Online Coach Review Funnel System

I’ve seen this strategy implemented on some of his client sites where his team did VERY dynamic design and a really good job on the review gathering pages.

Here’s a great blog post Matt just did about all the Google review problems and how to avoid losing YOUR precious reviews. Missing Google Places Reviews? You’re Not Alone. Here’s What You Need to Know

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