I’m not really involved in daily deals marketing, but keep my ear to the ground for news about new offerings similar to Groupon, since deals space is so hot right now and is one of form of local marketing that small businesses use.

Check out the video below. Pretty new slick idea that just launched. Let the CONSUMER come up with the deal they want at the business they want. Let the CONSUMER promote it by marketing the deal to all their friends to build up enough interest. THEN get the business to offer the deal, since they already have pent up CONSUMER-generated demand. Will be interesting to see if this catches on and takes off. Just in limited Beta right now.

u-Deals: YOU Create the Deal Today, Loopt introduced a whole new kind of deal: u-Deals. This is going to blow your mind. Instead of letting the deals come to you, you create the deals. You’ll think of a deal you want at a favorite spot, request the deal, and Loopt will go to work and try to make it happen.

I’ve never blogged about ‘deals’ and try to stick pretty much to Google Places, but this announcement captured my attention because it’s an exciting new spin that I can see taking off. Pretty brilliant actually.