I’m working on some unique tip-filled posts but in the meantime wanted to share some great posts with some good tips from others. When I curate my Google Places news channel @Scoop.it some days I find little of interest. But the past few days there has been a ton of good info so wanted to spread the word.

Rumored Google Maps Changes Could Involve Google+ » Nodal Bits

Over the weekend, I received a credible rumor from one of the larger companies I work with. Purportedly, they were contacted by their Google Ads rep and urged to purchase more advertising now, in advance of some “big changes” planned to happen on October 1.

Marissa Mayer is the head of the local effort at Google that many sense will ultimately find some kind of a home as part of the Google+ business offering. She apparently is as much engineer as anything else though since customer service is still non-existent and the attitude from Google is that “If we come down off the mountain for two weeks each year that should shut up the whining masses”.

Honestly, while it makes for nice PR it is a pathetic gesture from Google. It’s weak and designed only to give the search Giant the ability to say “Hey, check out these neat videos to answer all your Google Places questions.” which is today’s poor substitute for actually helping someone with a problem.

Linda says: Wow Frank I thought I was the GP ranter. 😉 BUT STILL YOU ALL NEED TO GO WEIGH IN WITH YOUR PLACES SUGGESTIONS!

I understand that you are frustrated. I understand that Google Local results seem crazy and unpredictable to you and that you are angry. I understand that your time is limited but you feel compelled to explain all of this to Google. There is a reason for all of this:

Linda says: REALLY Good stuff – read this. Then be sure to read the entire GP forum thread.

Citation-gathering is crucial to ranking more highly in Google Places…but it’s a real hassle. Here are 9 secrets for quicker and easier citations.

More and more small businesses working in a “local” market are waking up to the realities and need for Search Engine Optimization. However, in talking with many of these owners, they are concerned with the importance and on-going nature of link building, and the lack of financial and human resources needed to carry out link building activities.

Linda says: See my comment. Link building isn’t the bomb for LOCAL!

Google’s acquisition of Zagat last week and Yelp’s excellent snarky response has brought customer reviews to the forefront of the news again, so it’s a good time to start thinking about how garnering more online reviews fits into your business.

Linda says: Worth a click just for the awesome infographic!

The following is a round-up of unique mobile commerce website and application functionality to get your creative juices flowing:

Great reviews at places like Google Local and Yelp can help your search engine rankings and encourage shoppers to buy your products or services. Is it any wonder, then, that some businesses have succumbed to the temptation of soliciting fake rave reviews? Of course not. And a mini-industry has appeared to satisfy that temptation.

How Will Google Digest Zagat? – Knowledge@Wharton Today

Wharton management professor Tyler Wry says that with this acquisition, “Google is clearly aiming to be the dominant player in every high growth area of the net. Even though the halcyon days of the dot-com boom are a distant memory, the web is still a bit of an open frontier with a diverse cast of players charging into new spaces…. I’m not sure if the appropriate metaphor is ‘Lewis and Clark’ or ‘the Blob’, but the bottom line is that Google is going to take a mom and pop shop supernova through this deal by integrating it with the local services it already has.