According to some stats I found at eMarketer the other day 70% of consumers checked an online before going to a local business or restaurant. Google was the #1 source at 43%, no surprise there. The yellow pages came in 2nd at 30%. A little surprised it’s that high actually. People still use the YP? Really??? The 3rd spot goes to the 1st link on the search results page. Reviews sites are hanging in there at 13% followed by Facebook at 12%.

The survey was published by eMarketer based on research from CityGrid Media conducted by Harris Interactive. Below the chart about how consumers find business info online, is a breakdown of smartphone adoption and it’s impact on local eCommerce which I thought some of my readers might find interesting too.

Read the full article at: Mobile Brings New Opportunities for Local Retailers

Local SEO

Image republished with permission from eMarketer.

Hopefully this info is useful to some of the local SEO consultants and local business owners that read my blog.