The Local Search Forum is just over 2 months old, but we’ve been experiencing rapid growth due to the overwhelming support of the Local Search community. The forum has expanded to the point already where it’s getting hard for folks to find the info they need. So we need to start to splitting off some more forums to help keep everything organized and easy to find.

So I just launched the new Local SEO Tools – Local Search Software Forum

This section is for news, updates and helpful information about tools and software related to Local Search. Examples of posts that could go in this section are: What is the best local search tracking software? What is the best citation solution? Is there a tool to do XYZ? What’s a good WordPress theme for SMBs?

Solution providers can also post updates in certain situations, but we don’t allow blatant self promotion. So if you offer a Local SEO product and want to post Please read the rules for that forum..

We also soon will have featured advertising spots in this section of the forum. PM me if interested.

STAY TUNED for our Forum 3 Month Anniversary Announcements on 10/24. We have some other forum additions and features that will make your time here more beneficial and rewarding.  And we’ll be announcing who our “Top Contributors” are. 😉