Local University is underway today at SMX Advanced in Seattle.  I’ve been following the tweets, watching for the gold nuggets of wisdom and insider tips that come out of these events. Joel Headley from Google did a Q & A and shared several critical points. So I wanted to be sure everyone knows what he and others had to say today.

Sharing the most important Tweets I’ve found so far, starting off with important comments from Joel. Other important comments in bold below too.

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: The G+ Local Page will be “less additive” of 3rd party data and will display dashboard data more

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: Will blended results appear more often going forward? Google will increase display for more queries with local intent

Joel Headley: Does G+ Business page login email need to be the same as the Places Dashboard login? It will be easier if it is

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: Google will use a manual process to merge Places & Plus accounts with different emails

Mike Blumenthal ‏Google local verfied designation will return when the merge of +business & & +local pages occurs

Joel Headley Add &review=1 to the end of a +page URL to open the review dialog

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: some non brick and mortars businesses are being taken down in error by google

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: No current way for a mulitlocation busines to associated multiple G+ local page with a single G+ Business page

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: Google is working on a future way for businesses with multiple locations to manage their businesses socially with Plus

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley Google: How to best deal with Duplicate listings? Report a Problem: takes time from a few weeks to a “very long time”

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley Google: Will real estate agents merging issue imporve? Good new as pages merge, login in will be directly to the page

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: Is account for bulk upload in dashboard dead? NO. use the same Places account for bulk uploads

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: MapMaker is only front end where you can define different languages for a Local listing

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: google removed data displaying from Place pages over last 6 months in anticipation of change to +. May add over time

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley: Custom attributes removed from Bulk Upload? Lat long can still be used.

Mike Blumenthal Joel Headley Google: Local numbers make a difference, numbers should not be routed to call center.

Greg Sterling what Mihm’s preso makes clear is that there’s NO WAY for an SMB to do local SEO on their own.

Greg Sterling @davidmihm giving early overview of 2012 Local Ranking Factors. Ranking factors haven’t changed significantly with Google+L

Mary Bowling Number 1 negative ranking factor in Local Search Ranking Factors Survey is mismatched phone number, which includes tracking numbers

Greg Sterling @davidmihm 10 quality links (for service business) will get you ranked at the top of local search results for your category

Aaron Weiche Biggest ask in Local is how to overcome centroid, @davidmihm shows example of of a strong 3rd party review profile doing this.

Takahiro Watanabe negative ranking factors: multiple place pages with same/similar business title and address, including location keywords in category

Greg Sterling – @davidmihm quantity of reviews (not quality) matters in terms of Google local ranking

Dana DiTomaso RT @aaronweiche: SoLoMo people, get to know it! “Everything that is social is local and is mobile.”

Aaron Weiche REI example location page. There are clear, strong, structured local signals on this page: http://www.rei.com/stores/109

Mike Ramsey Oh dear…. apple maps seo is coming. someone better get the domain.

Here is the Local University Advanced Agenda and Speakers for today. But be sure to check out GetListed.org Local University for upcoming events.

Let me know if you find any sweet tweets I missed. 😉