I’ve been seeing a strange new style of Adwords ads in local the past couple days. Looked so odd on the map that the 1st time I saw it yesterday I was in a rush and dismissed it as a fluke, but then saw @SIMpartners tweet an example and decided to investigate. I have not seen Google mention this new style ad unit yet, but then again I don’t read many PPC blogs these days. If I missed the announcement or if you have more info or any theories to add, please post in comments.

San Diego Car Rentals

The bare white tags, (I circled in blue) are shaped like a callout, but look odd to me. Maybe a picture or color is going to be added? When you click the link to view on maps or click the white callout on maps you get an expanded info box. HOWEVER the top link in that box does not even work and goes to http://maps.google.com/undefined&dtab=2. I’ve clicked a few different ads to double check. Sure hope those businesses don’t have to pay for the click, because it goes nowhere.

Oh and I have not seen this new style marker show up on the main SERPS page, only on maps. In the main SERPS some ads show the regular Blue map marker in the ad, but the listings in map search that have the white tag don’t stand out with a special marker on Google search (based on just a few quick checks I’ve looked at).

No time to investigate any more today, just wanted to share real quick. Anyone have any more info about these?