I’ve been seeing double lately. Many of my Google Places Optimization clients have been blessed with DOUBLE reviews, ever since last week’s Google Places update where they fixed the stats and helped some users recover reviews that had been missing for months.

I’m sure users affected by THIS review bug hope it takes Google months to fix it, just like it did with the missing reviews bug. Although unfortunately with the new merged algo, the number of reviews does not impact rankings like it once did.

I don’t like to show client pages since I have had trouble with a competitor stealing my latest optimization strategies and even client descriptions. So here is a random Place page I found in a different niche that has double reviews. This Plastic Surgeon only has 6 reviews but every single one is double listed, so Google is showing AND giving them credit for 12. More commentary below.

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Above main Place Page – Below Reviews Page

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Here’s a link to the live listing if you’d like to check it out.

Note: All the duplicated reviews are Google reviews NOT reviews from around the web. I just did a really quick survey of a few of my clients pages and it looks like 1 out of 4 or so has double reviews. Some have scattered double reviews but most have every review duplicated consistently.

I can’t find anything in common on the Place pages that could have triggered this. But I can only assume that whatever they did to bring back some of the missing reviews is associated with this bug. I’ll run it by Professor Maps (Mike Blumenthal), who just reported on Saturday that missing reviews were starting to come back and see if he has any insights.

So are YOU seeing double? Let us know if you find any other interesting remnants of this new bug and share other listings you find. Or weigh in with your thoughts below.