Reputation Management SoftwarePlaces Scout is almost ready to launch their incredibly full featured Reputation Management module. I think it’s going to be the most powerful reputation management solution out there. Even though I don’t personally do rep management, I’m super excited about this new solution as I know lots of my readers DO but even if you don’t yet, this software could add a whole new profit center to your business.

Just had a demo – this is HOT! In addition to all the rep management and social media monitoring features, Scout includes 2 sorely needed Google Places review features I specifically recommended; Places review automatic backups AND new review alerts, for those that want to reply to reviews.

I’ve been a BETA Tester, consultant and advisor for Places Scout since the original launch. I’ve watched it grow from a really good Google Places ranking tracking programs to one of the best rank tracking/competitive analysis solutions out there for Google Places. And by adding all these new rep management features, it really will make Scout the “swiss army knife” for Local.

After the new module is released the price is going up from $147 to $197, I believe – so I got Mark to give me some screenshots and details to share with you guys, so you can see how powerful it will be and get it before the price goes up if you don’t have it yet. I’ve given Mark lots of suggestions for this new module over time and I think he’s pretty close to getting this puppy finished and out the door. ETA is end of May. 🙂


Places Scout Reputation Management Software Features:

.:. Places Review monitoring & indexing over time w/ summary metrics

.:. Alerts for new reviews on each run (Super beneficial for your clients that like to be notified of new Places review so they can reply)

.:. Review Monitoring and Indexing for over 20 of the major review sites, including Yelp, Tripadvisor, Yellowpages, Kudzu and more

.:. Social Media monitoring for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

.:. Summary metrics: # of reviews, average rating, sentiment analysis + more

.:. Social Media summary with combined Facebook type wall for all social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

.:. Recent Activity Feed that is a Facebook type wall for all reviews and social media posts

.:. Client Reporting capabilities with customizable HTML based templates or exported to CSV, Excel, HTML, and PDF

.:. Sentiment Analysis for each review and social media post – will tell you sentiment of each review or post based on a score of 0-100. Each review / post can be color coded based on sentiment

.:. Advanced filtering capabilities to narrow down the data for each section based on review rating, sentiment, date, and more

.:. Report Scheduling functionality to schedule a report to run on a periodic basis (Scheduling will also be added to the rank tracker reports)

.:. Layout and feel will be similar to the track local rankings module – you can create a reputation report, and run the report, with the data for each report run saved and the ability to view previous run data

BUT a picture is worth a thousand words so…

Google Reviews

Review Analysis

So if you’ve never used Scout, to briefly explain what you are seeing in the expanded dashboard pics; Far left column is where you select which module you want to run: Keyword Generator, Find Local Clients (which is also extremely powerful competitive analysis), Track Local Rankings, Reports, Citation Finder or Reputation Management.

Next column over under “Business Reputation Manager” is a list of all your clients. Then after you select client, below that is list of all your report runs.

Then the next big section to the right is where you can select all the different Rep Management features, reports, filters, etc. and a star summary where you can see at a glance how many 5 Star vs 1 Star reviews you have.

With the above features, I believe Places Scout will be the most advanced and capable reputation management software on the market. PLUS it has 2 features I specifically recommended for Google Places reviews that are sorely needed; Google Places review backups and new review alerts.

If you get it before the Rep Management module comes out and the price goes up, be aware that you get all future updates at no charge for the coming year. And I’m always feeding Mark new feature recommendations and he’s constantly working on new updates. Plus this software is unlimited use, not per report or per client. So you can use it on all your clients as often as needed. Price before the update is $147 and license is good for 2 computers. (Mark still has not had time to build the site, so the only way to buy is still at the Warrior Forum at the link above.)

PS – So excited that auto report scheduling is coming for the rank tracker too! I’ve been wanting that one for awhile!

What do you think? Is your mouth watering yet?

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