Social :: Local :: Mobile

We won’t talk about mobile as a separate category
because every Internet driven company by definition
IS going to be mobile oriented, socially oriented and locally oriented.

“It seems to me this is an entrepreneurial chance of a lifetime,
as a whole generation grows up on this platform”

Profound Video from Fast Company

Since I live at my desk, I don’t live on my Smart Phone like most people. So I don’t focus on mobile as much as I should. Google Places is largely about mobile and the merge of local, social and mobile is just so radically changing our world. So I want to dip my toe in and start talking mobile a little more.

Here are some impactful SoLoMo articles I’ve read lately that I wanted to share.

SoLoMo Revolution Picks Up Where Hyperlocal Search Left Off
“Greg Sterling, senior analyst with San Francisco-based consultancy Opus Research. β€œSoLoMo is a more mobile-centric version of the same concept with greater local precision: It’s about getting nearby information on demand, wherever you may be.”

A survival guide to SoLoMo

10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution

Question for readers: Do you ever check client rankings on your phone?
How much energy do you put into mobile SEO optimization?