Don’t edit my client’s beautiful Place page below! I’m warning you!
I will smack you hard if you do!!!

Remember when Google put the big red write a review button at the top of Place pages to encourage reviews??? They just added a new button in that spot yesterday that says “Edit this Place”. Front and center, plain as day. So I guess they are encouraging even more user edits and crowd sourcing of Places data. See my concerns below the image.

Yes Google I realize that many Place pages are not kept up-to-date or are unclaimed. Let users edit those, but NOT Place pages that are pro-actively managed. Please give owners that are actively managing some type of lock feature so user edits can’t happen. As a Top Contributor in the Places forum I see the negative affects of malicious user edits every day. I just think making the button so obvious, is asking for more trouble.

After weeks of fighting dupes for this Dr, then all kinds of crazy merge problems with missing listing, then wrong phone#, then losing all his reviews, PLEASE don’t put me through the increased potential risk of bad user edits!

Wanna know what’s crazy? The OLD edit link is still there above the map on the right, next to “Owner Verified”. But NOW when you click it, it says “This place has been claimed in Google Places and can only be edited by the owner.” YEA!!! I’m all for that! BUT that big new edit button that’s front and center let’s you edit – PLUS the link at bottom let’s you edit. So what’s the point of having the one link say it’s protected from edits, when the other 2 allow edits???

So I started editing other people’s Place pages yesterday to see what would happen. But I only did corrective edits on spammy pages, so I’m assuming they will go through. Maybe will try to find a couple blatant spammers and change their address or phone just for fun to see what happens. 😉

Big hat tip to Joy Hawkins for pointing this out to me yesterday.