Is that a Map Marker? NO, symbolically today it’s a little red tear drop!

Vanessa Schneider has truly become the voice & the face of Google Places. In fact, after her 1st forum Video WrapUp I called her the “Matt Cutts” of local.

Sadly Vanessa is moving on to the Google Earth team. When she told me Friday that she was leaving I literally cried. She just made her official announcement.

As I replied in the forum, I feel Vanessa is largely responsible for turning Google Places (Now AKA Google+ Local) around. Greatly improved support, incredibly open communication about issues as they come up, amazing dedication to the community and to the TCs. So many things have improved due to her efforts!

I’ve often called her Wonder Woman and have to say she is one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever worked with! (Certainly the best juggler!) Hope the Google Earth folks realize how lucky they are!

Here’s the announcement from the forum. Go say bye and wish her well!

Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade!

I’m excited about my next challenge, but very sad to leave the great community we’ve built up here in the Google and Your Business forum. Don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands: Let me introduce you to Jade Wang (aka jadewang), my community colleague here on Local. She’s been focusing on our community of reviewers, but is now adding business owners to her plate. You can find her on Google+ here — say hello! She’ll also be taking over the weekly forum video wrapups (she co-hosted with me last week).

Again, it’s been a real pleasure getting to know you all. I might pop back in from time to time to say hello (it’s hard giving up such a big, fun part of my day!).


To meet Jade Wang, who will be taking over, watch the video I posted here if you haven’t yet. (She and Vanessa explain all the new G+ Local changes.) Jade seems great to work with and has had her toes in the Google+ side for awhile, which I’m sure will be a big asset as we navigate all the coming changes.