WordStream recently launched a hot new product called WordStream for SEO that has a lot of advanced features. I’ve been talking to the folks over there and am impressed with what they are doing so wanted to share part of the press release to let our reader know about it.

To explore WordStream for SEO and experience the full keyword research and content authoring toolset, you can sign up for a FREE trial by going to: http://www.wordstream.com/seo-free-trial

WordStream Launches New SEO Toolset with Advanced Keyword Research and Content Optimization Features

BOSTON – April 20, 2010 – When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), some of the biggest pain points for website owners and marketers are researching and identifying profitable keywords, effectively integrating these keywords into their content and improving their website’s traffic. With the release of its latest product offering, WordStream for SEO, Internet marketing software provider WordStream, Inc. is giving site owners the tools to solve these all-too common problems.

WordStream for SEO is an advanced keyword research toolset that many are calling “keyword research on steroids.” The new software suite provides the same keyword analysis and keyword suggestion capabilities that SEO tools like Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery provide, but it moves light years ahead by layering in high-level keyword analytics, keyword grouping and organization features as well as integrated content authoring tools, all for the same price as other traditional keyword research tool sets (starting at $49/mo.).

“For the same money I was paying for Wordtracker’s keyword tool, I get all the same functionality I had with Wordtracker, with a deeper keyword database, keyword analytics, and really powerful keyword organization tools layered on top,” says WordStream customer Kwessi Annor. “So making the switch from Wordtracker to WordStream was a no-brainer.”

Rather than presenting a static list of keyword suggestions along with a handful of related keywords, WordStream for SEO provides users with: More