In a smart marketing move, Yext started targeting Google Places customers yesterday in an attempt to get them to try THEIR version of Tags – Yext PowerListings. Google recently announced the Google Tags ad service is being discontinued. Today is the last day for Tags, so Yext’s email was designed to take advantage of Tag’s demise.

One of my clients just sent me the following email that he (a Places Tag customer) just received and asked for my advice. My answer follows the quote. The link below is the landing page the email ad takes you to.

Yext PowerListings – Google Tags

As you have probably already heard, Google® is discontinuing its Tags service on April 29, 2011.

Smart business owners such as you that have been using Tags, will see a service that was sending them extra customers discontinued in a week. This could be more than just inconvenient – how will you make up for your lost customers?

Make the switch to Yext PowerListings™ – put high quality tags on your listings on Yahoo®, MapQuest, Superpages and other premium sites. These sites account for half of online searches for local services, and your business could be prominently featured on all those searches.

Yext is offering a limited time special for Google® Tags customers who want to make the switch and keep their tags up across the internet – $25/month, for tags on a full package of premium websites!

Act now, and get the comprehensive local tags and listings solution at our special price* of $25/month.

My reply to client with some words of caution.

DISCLAIMER: as stated below I don’t have all the details about PowerListings, so my cautions are general ones that any advertiser should ask about any local ad product.

I’d normally say $25 is a no-brainer to at least test. HOWEVER, the MAIN CONCERN I would have is that YEXT often uses tracking phone numbers in their ads. Which COULD mean you’ll have listings all over with a different phone number, which COULD create more Google dupes and problems.

If you make sure and get in writing they will use the EXACT format of the name, address and phone you give them and be sure what you provide is an exact match of the way I have it listed on your Place Page, it may be OK to try. BUT I just had a Dr. say he was trying an ad with Yext and they got his address format wrong. When he caught the mistake and asked them to change it so it would match his Place page, they reportedly told him they could not change it. But I don’t know if it was this $25 Tag ad or some other type of ad.

IF there is a phone tracking # that also COULD mean the TAG is $25, but each call you
get is extra, or there could be some type of pay per click fee attached.

Additionally, of course ask about the price. The email simply states $25 a month. But when you get to the landing page, the buy button says $299. So it looks like it’s a 12 month commitment, not simply $25 a month, that you could do for a 1 month test.

So since I don’t work with Yext or have all the details, please do your due diligence.

Now if I was a half way decent reporter, I would have called Yext to get the full scoop, however I just don’t have time. 🙁 So if Yext happens to read this or if any of you have any additional details, please reply below and I’ll update this post.